Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose Will Spurlock as your electrician?


Will Spurlock has been working in homes and commercial spaces for 30+ years. Beyond that, our owner and general manager have a combined experience of 55 years in the electrical contracting business! Lastly, any electrician that visits your home from Will Spurlock will have at least 4 years of experience.


By explaining what will be done and why, we make sure no customer is left in the dark about their electrical service. Our electricians will show you an itemized pricing sheet so there are no surprises on your service bill. Every service appointment is followed up by our office manager to make sure everything is completed to their satisfaction.


Whether we’re upgrading your electric panel or installing new lighting outside your home or business, safety is our top priority. All of our electricians are up-to-date on state and federal safety requirements.


We understand that your time is limited. We call ahead and give you a 2-hour service window for your appointment. Our electricians strive to complete any repair or installation in a timely manner so you can get on with your day. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We prioritize communication with our customers. If you have a problem with the electrical work performed, we want to hear about it! If your service was unsatisfactory or if the problem is not completely fixed, we are happy to come back out and fix any issues. We’re a local company with personal service. If at any point you wish to speak to the owner, Will Spurlock, you can tell him your issues directly.

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Let us light your future! Contact Will Spurlock for more information about the residential, industrial and commercial electrical services that we offer.